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The NWL New/Former Wrestler Names List (Updated 1/23/17)
New NWL Name Former Name
Adam Ryan Danny Adams
August Marshall Austin Blackburn
Blaine Meeks Bolt Brady
Buddy Shephard Evan Gelistico
Cal Stark Chip Day
C.G.E. Rodriguez Lucy Mendez
Chad Barstow Caleb Crush/Josh FX
Christian Adonis Elvis Aliaga
Clayton Fox Matt Kenway
Coco Rumble Super Dunkerton
Cornell Douglas Murder One
Dak Draper Sammy Six Guns
Davey Gibson Davey Vega
Delvin Jaysin Strife
Dominick Butler Jayden Fenix
Drew Gold Greg Jovi
Emmett DuBois Dorian Victor
Flex Zerba Michael Barry
Geno Mancini Ryan King
Gil Rogers Rory Fox
Jack Foster Jake Dirden
Jackie Lee Bosch Jake Parnell
Javy Torres Paco Gonzalez
Jax Royal Logan Riegel
Jay Lutz Gary Jay
Jet Royal Sterling Riegel
Joe Union Jon West
Jordan Kastle ????
Ken Dharma Mike Sydal
Kyle Mars Graham Bell
Lakota Red Cloud Nate Redwing
Laz Kalo ????
Lionel Howlett Hoodlum (Left Coast Gurellia)
Luke Holiday Luke Langley
Mac Union Mad Dog McDowell
Marcellus Gaines Stephen Wolf
Marco Howlett Anaya
Matthew Grundy Mat Fitchett
Maverick Moonshine Marshall
Max Edwards Mark Sterling
Niles Plonk Kraig Keesaman
Neon Iverson Justin D'Air
Party Crasher Boulder Mikey McFinnigan
Party Crasher Spike Zakk Sawyer
Ray Briggs Bobby Blackshire
Rudy Mancini Jake King
Scott Slade ???
Skyler Beckett Everett Conner
Tommy Flagg Christian Rose
Thor Theriot Devin Thomas
Todd Letterman Kevin Lee Davidson
Wayne Taylor Jack Gamble

In response to "not getting" the business...
What royally pisses me off is when some turd comes along creating a new YT account so they can anonymously and with impunity run their mouths as to how I absolutely don't know anything or understand the wrestling business and call for me to be blackballed. Also more BS about being the "worst commentator they've ever heard."

My Zero One comments were perfectly valid - the critics didn't offer one counter-argument as to why Zero One was right to blow off any storylines that could had been used from doing the merger with Glory. NOT ONE. Instead it was nothing but repeated unproductive questions of my intelligence.

The second thing that got panties in a wad was committing the cardinal sin of pointing out exposure of the business. No one is to ever do such a thing according to these kayfabe fanatics because that exposes the business. And it's a longstanding pet peeve with me that wrestlers have cuts that couldn't have been made from the object that hit them. It looks STUPID. Even worse cut themselves on camera and make no effort to cover up what they're doing to themselves. And they keep doing it. And they don't want anyone calling it out so they CAN keep doing it until the fans stop coming entirely and they lose their shirts.

What these turds will never do, is create & produce their own show, get a time slot and show the world "how it's supposed to be done". Instead they are yet another keyboard warrior who is too busy looking at porn to get off their fat butt and be bothered to actually "do work".

Statement from Dreamwave CEO Jay Repsel
machine gun
10 hrs ·

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I come to you this morning to inform everyone that December 3rd, 2016 will be the final DREAMWAVE Wrestling show.

In this day and age, it’s hard to keep a secret. However, I’ve been moderately successful in doing so since last December. It was at that time that I decided I was going to produce one more year of DREAMWAVE Wrestling before calling it quits. Those in my inner circle were made aware of my decision, but few believed I would actually follow through with it. Knowing our time was limited, we went insane with bringing in guests such as Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, etc. I guess it was sort of a “bucket list” thing for me. In doing so, we accidentally had our best year ever, and that's no bull****.

So why walk away from something that means so much, to so many, and is financially successful?

I promoted my first show, Revolution Championship Wrestling’s “Uprising”, on April 20th, 2002. I’ve had some breaks in between, but that is a long time to do anything. In fact, part of me feels like we’ve done “everything”. At least everything we could. I honestly feel like DREAMWAVE has nothing left to do and nothing left to prove to anyone. I’ve reached all of my goals personally and professionally in wrestling. I’m excited to move on to my next challenge.

I’m certain there will be unfounded speculation about why DREAMWAVE will cease to exist beyond this season, but please understand this: there is no debt, there is no scandal, there are no underlying issues that caused or forced this decision. DREAMWAVE is an extremely successful company. It’s on me. I’m done. At the risk of sounding too melodramatic, I’d rather “Die the hero, than live long enough to see myself become the villain.”

I feel like I left indy wrestling, at least in my corner of the universe, in better shape than it was in when I found it. That is extremely important to me. Whether it was helping a veteran revitalize their career, or by giving a young guy an opportunity he wouldn’t have typically had, I am proud of the opportunities we gave people. DREAMWAVE has put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces over the years, something I'm very proud of.

While some will find out this way, don't equate this to breaking up with someone via text message. I informed many of the top guys and my close confidants that this would be happening soon a couple of months ago. In all actuality, I've forecasted this every year for the last three or four. My plan was originally to stop at 100, but we had a commitment to our season ticket holders for a December show. I apologize to everyone for the cloak and dagger secrecy, but I had to keep it as quiet as possible, for a lot of reasons.

I care about the excellent legacy we have all created for professional wrestling in LaSalle. It is important to me what happens after I’m gone. I didn’t want someone coming in and compromising the integrity of everything we have worked so hard to create.

That being said, beginning early next year, my friends and peers, AAW Wrestling, will be running a very similar schedule to what DREAMWAVE was running at the Knights of Columbus in La Salle, IL. Myself, and a large portion of the DREAMWAVE crew will be staying on to assure that the transition will be seamless for them and our fans. I don’t want to speak for anyone in their camp, but they have the utmost respect for LaSalle wrestling and it's fans. I know they have a lot of announcements forthcoming, but I'll leave those to them.

I want to thank everyone who supported DREAMWAVE during it’s amazing run. I'm eternally grateful for the lifetime of memories we've created together over the last seven plus years. I have truly been blessed with an embarrassment of riches. While I am at total peace with my decision, it's impossible for me to fight back the tears as I write this, as a large portion of my adult life is flashing before my eyes. Not many people have the opportunity to live out their dreams, let alone do it twice. God bless you all for allowing me that luxury. These years will always be fondly remembered by me and many others.

We will have one final show on 12/3 to say goodbye to DREAMWAVE. I’d love to invite anyone who has ever been a part of the locker room or the company to come say goodbye on 12/3. It's a celebration, not a memorial. So let's drink a few and do it LaSalle style, one...last...time.

I'll retain the intellectual property and video library and hold on to them forever, so I can forever protect the public perception and integrity of DREAMWAVE.

Beginning next year, I am excited to witness a new beginning for LaSalle wrestling, with the very capable hands of our AAW friends at the helm who have my 100% blessing. I'll stick around until they won't have me anymore to assure yet another successful chapter in LaSalle's rich wrestling tradition.

Respectfully Yours,

Jay Repsel

Baisden goes from legal services to pro wrestling
Note: This article was behind a paywall, but I was able to retrieve the text by digging thru the HTML source on the page.

James Dornbrook - Reporter - Kansas City Business Journal

Major Baisden's career couldn't have taken a more unusual detour, with him swapping pre-trial discovery motions for trash-talking, and courtrooms for wrestling rings.

Baisden is mainly known in the Kansas City area for spending nine years as the president of Iris Data Services Inc., an e-discovery firm providing services to attorneys, where his days were spent thinking about lawyers, data volumes and artificial intelligence software.

He was extremely successful at it as evidenced by the Olathe-based company being named by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States from 2007 to 2012. The company attracted the attention of Kansas City, Kan.-based Epiq Systems Inc. which bought it in April 2015 for $134 million. Baisden stuck around until the end of the 2015, then started looking for something else to do.

What I really love is baseball, college football and pro wrestling," Baisden said. "I don't have enough money to buy a Major League Baseball team. You could get put in jail for trying to buy a college football team, so that leaves pro wrestling."

Baisden formed a new company called the National Wrasslin' League (NWL) in July. Since then he's been busy laying the foundation for two startup brands: NWL Kansas City and NWL St. Louis.

Baisden acquired existing professional wrestling networks Metro Pro Wrestling in Kansas City and Anarchy Pro Wrestling in St. Louis. He signed about 50 professional wrestlers from around the country and split them between the two cities. He hired a former WWE wrestler to run a wrestling school and work with the wrestlers they have under contract. He's building out a 10,000 square-foot, world-class wrestling development center in Kansas City, with pro-style locker rooms and clubhouse. They'll hold tryouts on a limited basis for people who want to get into wrestling.

"The goal over the course of the next five to 10 years is to build out a network of 15 of these paired cities," Baisden said. "We're starting with Kansas City and St. Louis because it's where our roots are. Our future plans include places like San Antonio and Austin, Texas; Portland, Ore., and Seattle; Nashville and Memphis, Tenn.; and other cities that have a built in rivalry and history with pro wrestling."

RELATED: Merger adds to the KC-St. Louis sports rivalry: pro wrestling

They'll hold wrestling events every other week in each city, about 26 shows a year. Then they'll do two special shows: a regional championship between the two rival cities in July and a national championship in December.

"Really what we're trying to build is a connection with these various cities and the people there, getting them excited about something that is completely unique to their city," Baisden said. "It also lets their city compete against a rival city for bragging rights. It hearkens back to pro wrestling's roots. It was about big outlandish characters, a lot of athleticism and a lot of fun."

The characters they develop will have ties to their cities. For example, there is a tag team in Kansas City called "The Union" who are both auto workers, a nod to the thousands of area autoworkers.

The shows in Kansas City will be held at the Scottish Rite Temple in midtown Kansas City. Baisden acquired a Jumbotron-style video board that will sit behind the stage where the wrestlers come out, and hired Rad Effects to add dynamic special effects to the shows.

"It should be entertaining," Baisden said. "It's silly and about as far away from my earlier career in litigation and technology as you can possibly get, but it's going to be fun."

My CIPWHOF speech on the induction of Tim "Crusher" Lyle.
Ladies and gentlemen, today we are here for another induction into the Central Illinois Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. This Hall of Fame was established nine years ago by the crew who formed the Nose Bleed Seats, Christopher Cooper, Robert Schwent Jr., Floyd Fisher, and yours truly, to recognize those who made great contributions to the evolution of the Central Illinois pro wrestling scene to shape it into what it is today. While the NBS choose to disband, the CIPW Hall of Fame will exist for many years to come because this area continues produce many great superstars.

Before I started covering the downstate Illinois and Missouri wrestling scene via the St. Louis Wrestling Community at http://stlwrestling.livejournal.com back in 2005, back in the 90s, the CI scene was a lot smaller. A few promotions from Chicago went downstate infrequently, Bud Chaplin's National Wrestling Coalition operated in southern Illinois, once in a while the St. Louis promotions would venture outside its metro area, meanwhile in 1993 Tim Lyle founded a promotion by the name of Powerhouse Wrestling Incorporated. Its first champion is a man you all know, Kane, previously known as Angus King. Lyle of course, had multiple personas, he was a doctor, a Russian, and a crusher.

Back in the 90s, pro wrestling was regulated by the state of Illinois. Strangely enough however, regulations were not applied equally, with some promotions allowed to do whatever they wanted, while others were strictly regulated. Tim Lyle exposed this hypocrisy against the state bureaucrats, and while I'm not entirely sure how he pulled it off, officials with the Dept. of Professional Regulation were in shock when someone in state government agreed with him and did away with wrestling regulation.

It didn't take long before the local wrestling scene freed from the restraints of government would explode. I just started following the St. Louis wrestling scene after becoming an avid fan of a local promotion then started the STLWC to fill a news coverage void the capital of the sport so badly needed.

I attended my first Powerhouse show back in 2005, witnessing my first Harker Dirge match and a future hall of famer Jason Hades in this ring. The main event was a wargames match between Lyle, Jimmy Shalwin & Magnum Conroy vs. the Beast & the Lawless Bros. After the match, Mr. Lyle gave me an unsolicited earful on what was a backyarder and what was a trained pro.

After the event, my thoughts were who is the man? Why is he being so negative on downstate Illinois? Why is it telling me this? How does he know the credentials of the talent without doing any scouting? It made no sense and it felt unfair. I began to wonder if the lines between backyarder and trained pro had gotten blurred, cause there were plenty of trained pros who were awful at what they did, while folks who were being perceived as yarders were quite good at what they did. In reality it seemed like a microcosm of the classic Chicago vs. downstate mentality which we all know too well looms large in politics but extends all the way down into pro wrestling as well.

Perhaps he gave the NBS the motivation to do what we could to elevate the local wrestling scene and the talent coming out of this region. Recognize the top wrestlers, educate the public, showcase their talents, so people would know the area between Chicago and St. Louis is worth our attention.

Alas, despite the efforts to improve and elevate the CI wrestling scene, there are those who have gotten it into their minds that training is optional again. Some of you here may have witnessed the results of that. Merely putting up a ring in a parking lot and running "shows" does not legitimize you as a pro wrestler. You simply cannot self-teach the mechanics, the techniques and the nuances it takes to be successful and minimize injury. We may not agree on everything but we agree on this, while every credentialed trainer employs their own methods and techniques in making a potential athlete the best they can be in this ring, there is no legitimate fast track into becoming a wrestler, training is not optional, not now, not ever, unless you are determined to be made a national embarrassment on World Famous Flea Market!

Ten years after attending Powerhouse for the first time, after lengthy reflection, maybe all along it was Mr. Lyle just lighting a fire under everyone into motivating them to prove they did belong and could hang with the best, bringing things back into focus. Today central Illinois talent is traveling all over the Midwest, some of those folks you'll see in this ring tonight, something that wouldn't have happened a decade ago. And Jay Repsel, of Dreamwave, cites Tim Lyle as a major influence on his work as a wrestling promoter.

Today we put Tim Lyle into the hall of fame, whether we love him or hate him, we recognize him as an over twenty year promoter and wrestler, having a major hand in reshaping Illinois wrestling so it could evolve into what it is today. At this time, to induct Crusher Lyle, will be one of his longtime colleagues, the reigning Powerhouse Heavyweight champion, Harker Dirge!

PWA Standings - End of April 2016
So in May the two singles titles will supposedly be united - Moss is ranked #2 as it is right now for the heavyweight. The tag division is a little more defined following the tag tournament with the Alliance firmly entrenched as #1 contenders.

PWA Heayvweight Title
(c) Guy Smith (31-10-2-1) .744
1. KC Jackson (7-2) .778
2. Benz (9-5) .643
3. Sage Ramsey (6-3-2) .636
4. Jimmy Karryt (8-5) .615
5. Bryan Ealey (19-12-1) .609

PWA Regional Title
(c) Derek Moss (23-12) .657
1. Hatta (10-8) .556
2. MS Madman (5-4-0-1) .556
3. Nelson Sixx (9-12-1) .432
4. Brent Dunn (5-7) .417
5. Brad Stephens (7-10) .412

Tag Team Titles
(c) The Hot Boyz (4-1) .800
1. The Alliance (9-4) .692
2. AEOU (4-3) .571
3. MMJB (5-7) .417
4. New Crop (2-3) .400
5. Hatta & Cardini (1-3) .250

Who would had won the 9th annual NBS Awards?
Well...this would had been the time of year to do the NBS Awards but not happening this year. So who would had won had there been a 9th annual NBS Awards? Well let's see...

Diamond in the Rough - I don't think it was contest this year, I would had gone with Stephen Wolf as he had an incredible year as Dreamwave's breakout star having competitive matches with major independent stars.

Fed of the Year - I believe Dreamwave would had moved back to the top spot, as for the five finalists, the six month break UWC and Midwest Pro had likely would have caused their elimination from the running with PWA, PGP, Zero One & IWA Unlimited as the contenders.

Tag team of the Year - I think the streak would had been broken, as Team IOU or Viking War Party would have ousted the Hooligans. Other contenders would had been Team Overkill, the last spot a tossup between several teams.

Wrestler of the Year - This would had been hard to figure out, contenders would had included Frank Wyatt, Harker Dirge, Blake Belakis, Jake Dirden and Marshe Rockett with no clear favorite.

Will ponder the rest later...

Comments unsubjected
Today is a day where I wish Springfield Talk Radio still existed to air out grievances about the crap that stunk up the state capitol instead of local sports talk, Tennessee syndicated radio and a hardcore left-wing hack that runs a three-hour campaign commercial for his political party that we're stuck with now. No wonder pay satellite radio keeps gaining in popularity.

All I heard today was a speech where a political hack took credit what he claimed was a hot Lamborghini for an abandoned rusted out wheel-less vehicle in the middle of a swamp he calls an economy, while passing the buck for what all is wrong that he is directly responsible for. It was a toxic waste dump pretending to be a speech so full of BS I was cussing out the radio.

The Rap Sheet - Proving Ground Pro's Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament 1/23/16
The Rap Sheet – by the Mad Conservative
Proving Ground Pro’s Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament
1/23/16 – Petersburg, IL

I warned you all I might start writing these again…

And thus here it is. Too much crap has been allowed to skate without someone writing a hard review of it, so on a whim I chose to pull out the notepad and pen when it was announced that the show is airing on iPPV thus couldn’t use the camera this night. Hopefully I’m able to describe much of the show from the notes I took and memory. Proving Ground is kind of an oddity in central Illinois wrestling, it isn’t big on local homegrown talent (or as they call them “40-milers”) and chooses to bring in wrestlers from out of state, St. Louis or Chicago. It wants to be a regional promotion using people most likely to be signed by ROH, PWG, Evolve, FIP, etc. – the top ten major independent promotions in the country and the fanbase sought seems to match up with those who tape trade or download those shows. The difference between it and Dreamwave however Dreamwave has the advantage of sitting at the I-80/I-39 junction where fans travel from Chicago, Peoria, Rockford & the Quad Cities besides its home town of LaSalle to fill its venue and cover booking costs. PGP has just Springfield to really pull from besides Petersburg & Havana. PGP also has not put out DVDs of their prior events. They were handing out flyers after ROH in Collinsville, but I dunno how many drove 100 miles from STL out into the middle of nowhere. Now, this is back at the Petersberg Firehouse to which they have their biggest draw in November. I was interested to see if they could duplicate that in January, didn’t happen, they got over the 100 mark for this charity event though. They had two of the firetrucks inside which filled in some space. I had not taken in a PGP show in several months due to conflicts.

Live from the Petersburg Fire Department. I guess they are still calling him Gordy Williams – the promoter has the kids around the building pound the mat for Ryan Buckley who was a fallen soldier during the Iraq War. He also announces that Team IOU is stranded & snowed in out east with the Blizzard of 2016 so the Hooligans make their return to PGP in their place. They also announce this event is being carried live on the World Wrestling Network iPPV. This is a one night, eight man tournament in honor of Buckley. I didn’t time the matches.
Read more...Collapse )

PWA Standings end of January 2016
PWA Heavyweight Title
(c)Guy Smith (24-9-2) 0.714
1. Benz (9-4) .692
2. Bryan Ealey (19-10-1) .650
3. KC Jackson (5-2) .714
4. Hatta (10-7) .588
5. MS Madman (4-3) .571

PWA Regional Title
(c)Derek Moss (18-12) .600
1. Jimmy Karryt (5-5) .500
2. Phage (7-8) .467
3. Bishop (8-10-1) .447
4. Nelson Sixx (9-12-1) .432
5. Roscoe (5-7) .417
6. Jon Magnus (7-11-1) .395
7. Micah Pope (9-14) .391
8. Brad Stephens (5-8) .385
9. Brent Dunn (3-5) .333
10. Crowley (1-1) .500

PWA Tag Team Titles
(c) The Alliance - Shard & Magnus
1. Nelson & Pope (2-1)
2. MMJB (3-6)
3. Roscoe & Lander (1-1)

WWE trying to shut down Lucha by signing all their talent? Not practical nor realistic…

Lucha Underground’s co-executive producer Chris DeJoseph put out a claim where “They (WWE) basically tried to sign our entire roster, and pretty much tried to shut us down. I think that’s what they (WWE) want to do – just take everybody, sign them into NXT and then wipe out companies. I know they tried to do it with TNA, and I’m sure Ring Of Honor too. It makes sense. They pay someone $750/week, put them into developmental and in the meantime, they try to take away a company’s roster. And they can just leave those guys down in NXT.”

Under cross-examination, those claims have major issues. It is unrealistic for WWE to sign a few hundred wrestlers all at once, which they would have to do in pretty fast order to “sign an entire roster”. WWE does not have enough spots for that many people, whether it’s the main roster or NXT. Two for them to sign so much talent, what does creative have for them? They aren’t going to be able to use that many names, not without creating D, E, F, and G shows on the WWE Network. There’s no way creative can come up with long-term uses for all these newcomers, and many current roster members would have a far greater likelihood of being lost in the shuffle (see Zack Ryder). A bunch of them will end up sitting, and frankly quite a number of them make more money at their regular jobs and by taking two, three bookings a weekend on the indy circuit to easily surpass that amount.

Then comes the talent that WWE would have to put back on the payroll for this to happen. For instance, WWE would have to publicly apologize to each one of these wrestlers for how they treated them during their last go-around with the company:

John Morrison – There’s no way he’s going back after WWE fired him for refusing to break up and ex-communicate Melina Perez, of whom WWE had nuclear heat with. Why would Morrison ever trust them again and what business did WWE have blackmailing someone’s personal life like that?

Ivelisse Velez – WWE smeared this lady’s reputation claiming she had a horrible backstage attitude after cutting her – because she stated out loud she wanted to wrestle on the main roster. TNA dumped her after a Gutcheck match of which she clearly outwrestled her opponent, likely influenced by the unfair stigmatization.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. – What does WWE have to offer him now? A low mid-card slot which was where he was during his last stint. Not exactly attractive compared to the major storylines Lucha has put him in and the greater chance of being the major star he was unable to be in WCW and WWE.

Matt Cross – Was dumped in week two of Tough Enough 5 where the whole season destroyed any credibility the show still had left. The first loser Cameron Lynn turned out to be the true big winner as in she’s the only one on the main roster from that debacle. Cross would demand they publicly admit making a dumb mistake putting him on that show instead of NXT and cutting him so early, which won’t happen, thus Cross won’t waste his time with them again.

Rey Mysterio - He spent his last year with WWE on the sidelines, with WWE refusing to book him thinking he'll get hurt again after getting cleared. Rey had to fight tooth and nail to get released so he could wrestle again wherever he wanted. No way he returns to get another frozen contract.

PJ Black - The former Justin Gabriel floundered in prelim limbo after the breakup of Nexus with no involvement in any storylines for two years cause creative couldn't/wouldn't come up with anything for him, so he wanted out and got his release. Way too soon for him to entertain returning to WWE and being stuck in the exact same situation.

Brian Cage - WWE actually had him in developmental in 2009 but let him go after a year. TNA had him at Gutcheck but passed on him in favor of Jay Bradley. What would WWE do with him now that's better than his position at Lucha? Resume his feud with Alberto Del Rio over his head being shaved in Mexico? Not likely.

Black Lotus - Formerly Angela Fong, another person WWE had. Wrestled in NXT for a year but only got to be a backstage interviewer in WWE. And the current divas roster is loaded. Where would she fit? I doubt creative would come up with anything like Lucha did, making a return a waste of time.

Willie Mack - WWE signed him in 2014, but released him before he could even report to Orlando! Little too soon to try again after getting burned.

Matt Stryker - I doubt WWE wants him back on their announce team.

Cheerleader Melissa - WWE passed on her repeatedly, to which she went to TNA instead managing Amazing Kong. WWE NOW only shows interest in her cause she's wrestling for Lucha?

And after you get through the former WWE talent, the Mexican talent most of which wrestles for AAA would be an odd fit for WWE. Years ago they had a Super Astros show but unless WWE makes a major expansion into Mexico and runs more often than they've had in the past couple decades that's not happening. Currently WWE has only a couple Mexican wrestlers on its roster and I can count them on one hand. The other big problem is if WWE signed so many of these Lucha wrestlers, all of them would have to adapt to the WWE style and everyone remembers how well that worked out with Sin Cara/Mistico.

The bottom line is, Lucha Underground's fate rests with El Rey Network and decent viewership, the threat from WWE is in reality quite limited. Sure they signed back Alberto Del Rio, but he shouldn't had been cut from WWE in the first place.

Shows Attended 2015
machine gun
Seems the variety of promotions I attended went down quite a bit, but came under the 61 show mark from last year. I blame the fascist political correctness mob created by the worst president in history Barack Obama.

PWA - 16
Zero One - 11
HRW - 6
CIPW - 6
Dreamwave - 4
PGP - 4
UWC - 2
ROH - 1
SICW - 1
PWI - 1
PWE - 1

Total - 53

PWA Rankings End of 2015
PWA Heavyweight Title
(c)Guy Smith (24-9-2) 0.714
1. Benz (9-4) .692
2. Bryan Ealey (18-10-1) .638
3. Hatta (9-7) .563
4. Jimmy Karryt (5-5) .500
5. KC Jackson (4-2) .667

PWA Regional Title
(c)Derek Moss (17-12) .586
1. Bishop (8-9-1) .472
2. Phage (7-8) .467
3. Nelson Sixx (9-12-1) .432
4. Brad Stephens (5-7) .417
5. Roscoe (5-7) .417
6. MS Madman (3-3) .500
7. Jon Magnus (7-11-1) .395
8. Micah Pope (9-14) .391
9. Brent Dunn (3-5) .375
10. Crowley (1-1) .500

PWA Rankings End of October
This is getting to be a bit of a mess, Benz is injured at the worst possible time (well maybe he's better now since he won the rumble but it was a quick win getting the lucky last one in draw), SSP is inactive, so is Arson, and Blake Belakis is not doing PWA in the near future. Kinda worried about PWA's main event picture as I'm not seeing enough strong players to rotate through it. And the tag division still only has two teams in it right now. Only Derek Moss' Regional title run is truly competitive with drama. Dunno what will come out of the rumble, (Benz won so we have our main for November) but things appear to be in a valley.

PWA Heavyweight
(c)Guy Smith (23-9-2) .706
1. Benz (9-3) .750
2. Spencer Powers (13-6) .684
3. Bryan Ealey (17-10-1) .625
4. Blake Belakis (15-9-3) .611
5. Hatta (8-6) .571

(c) Derek Moss (15-12) .538
1. Brad Stephens (5-5) .500
2. Jimmy Karryt (5-5) .500
3. KC Jackson (4-2) .667
4. Tom Arson (11-12-1) .479
5. Phage (7-8) .467
6. Nelson Sixx (9-11-1) .452
7. Roscoe (5-7) .417
8. Schlitzy (6-9-1) .406
9. MS Madman (3-3) .500
10. Jon Magnus (6-10-1) .386

PWA Rankings End of September 2015
Well, I decided to count up everyone's records...so here's how the contenders shake out...

PWA Heavyweight
(c)Guy Smith (21-9-2)
1. Benz (8-3) .727
2. Spencer Powers (13-6) .684
3. Bryan Ealey (17-9-1) .648
4. Hatta (8-5) .615
5. Blake Belakis (15-9-3) .611

(c) Derek Moss (13-12) .520
1. Phage (7-7) .500
2. KC Jackson (4-2) .667
3. Tom Arson (11-12-1) .479
4. Nelson Sixx (9-11-1) .452
5. Brad Stephens (4-5) .444
6. Jimmy Karryt (4-5) .444
7. Schlitzy (6-8-1) .429
8. MS Madman (3-3) .500
9. Brent Dunn (3-4) .429
10. Roscoe (4-6) .400

Tag Team
(c) The Alliance (4-2) .667
1. MMJB (3-5)
2. Randy Ray & Nelson Sixx (1-1)
3. Guns of Liberty (1-1)
4. Brent Dunn & Roscoe (1-1)
5. Windy City Saints (1-2)

Zahra in Dreamwave...
machine gun
Comment on the Uproxx writer who thinks Zahra should be blackballed from I guess anything out in public - Frankly I'm sick and tired of all the social media crusaders/lynch mobbers running around destroying anyone who won't bow down and worship the "Political Correctness Monster". While I don't approve of her childish behavior on Instagram, I wonder if all the folks who called for my head for expressing my conservative point of view against the radical left-wing are going to give this woman a pass for posting Nazi imagery or realize feeding & growing the "Political Correctness Monster" will eventually backfire on them in a big way. Donald Trump sure as heck thwarted the monster at every turn making its handlers extremely frustrated. By the way, I don't foresee anyone quitting Dreamwave or boycotting the promotion either.

Bye bye Boehner
I'm surprised he gave it up outta the blue when it looked like he was gonna stubbornly stay around to benefit the K-street wing of the GOP. The fact of the matter is John Boehner was the poster child of America's rage against the "surrender party". He didn't get his position simply because he was owed it, he was elected to be the opposition fighting against the most radical left-wing hack ever elected president. In response, all Boehner ever did was cave, capitulate, and cower out of every fight. He surrendered first, then put on an act to make people think he was fighting Obama's agenda. NO ONE was fooled by any of his defiant speeches, because they knew at the end he was going to rubber stamp it. The Republican party was not voted into the House & Senate to go along to get along, because the American people saw what this president was doing to this country and wanted him stopped. Boehner was not willing to do that. Anyone who took up the sword to fight was stabbed in the back by Boehner and the K-street wing of the party, at the same Boehner made excuse after excuse claiming we didn't have the votes. But even if they didn't have the votes, he was unwilling to use any tool available that would have been effective. The last straw was Boehner's surrender immediately after the 2014 elections where during the lame-duck session he FULLY FUNDED Obamacare and FULLY FUNDED illegal amnesty fearing a government shutdown would wipe them out in 2016 (total BS). Boehner and anyone else who ran on an anti-Obama platform showed they lied out their asses to get reelected. The American people went apes*** because they were betrayed, and the loss of the US Senate in 2016 and however many house seats will be for EXACTLY THIS REASON. You don't break every campaign promise you made the day after you get reelected and expect not to suffer any consequences for it. In the end, EVERYONE hated John Boehner's guts. He had no friends, other than RINOs, and liberal K-Street donors who want extremely cheap labor to save millions of dollars in labor costs (while Americans are on street corner begging for food homeless & with no jobs). NO ONE WILL MISS Boehner. The man is the little kid who gets beaten up daily for his lunch money by a bully who is almost as weak as he is but still refuses to fight.

Good riddance Boehner, you gutless backstabbing coward. Sit back, and watch how a real conservative fights a left-wing lunatic and how things could had gone much differently had you had a spine and a set of balls. It's no wonder Trump, Carson, Carly & Cruz are so popular as outsiders who speak out against you and your ilk.

Comments unsubjected
So I need to come up with a new name for the TV show and podcast I make - the NBS has been retired. It will be PWCI as the placeholder name for the TV show, the podcast may be a bit tricky to figure out as the obvious names have been taken and/or used in the area recently.

Missouri Professional Wrestling regulations are unconstitutional.
By Todd Humphrey
May 10, 2015 at 9:57am

I sit here today and wonder exactly how the state of Missouri has gotten to this point in state regulations. I'm sure in the beginning, the regulations set forth by the state which created the bureaucracy that is known as the "Missouri Office of Athletics" were brought about by mostly good intentions. However, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and as everyone knows the only thing bureaucracies do is impose more and more unnecessary controls on honest, hard working law abiding citizens, such as myself.

The regulations for boxing, MMA, and professional wrestling in the state of Missouri are so strict, that it inhibits the prosper of anyone who strives to provide honest and clean entertainment to the residents and visitors of our state. Allow me to expand on them. In order to promote professional wrestling in the state of Missouri, you have to be a licensed professional wrestling promoter. The license fee on that is $400.00 for a two year license payable to the Missouri Office of Athletics. In order to qualify for a promoters license, you must first obtain a surety bond in the amount of $5000.00 which runs roughly about $100.00/year, already we're at a total expenditure of $600.00 to be permitted by the state of Missouri to promote our product. This is only the beginning, the next step is to obtain a "permit" for each event we promote. These permits were a mere $25.00 per event when I started in this business 16 years ago. Things always change, however, when bureaucracies feed their unending appetite for more control. The permit fees now for a professional wrestling show are $150.00/event. The fee remains $25.00 for boxing and MMA. The executive director of the Missouri Office of Athletics, Mr. Tim Lueckenhoff has gone on record in a response to my initial complaints to my legislators saying: "It should be noted that the permit fee for each wrestling event was increased in from $25 per show to $150 per show in 2004. This was necessary because the office prior to 2004 was regulating approximately 275 wresting shows a year.The majority of those show was taking in less than $20 in athletic taxes and the office was losing money on the regulation of almost every show." It's worth mention that the state has declared any advertisements of professional wrestling events illegal until there is a permit issued for the show in question. Mr. Lueckenhoff boasted in his response: "I found the advertisement on NWA’s website. I immediately called the person I believed to be promoting the show that being Charles Wilcox. Mr. Wilcox was advised to remove all advertisement until such time as a promoter license,bond and permit was issued for the event." Correct me if I'm wrong, but that is a blatant violation of the first amendment of the United States Constitution. Advertisement for our shows is done in several different ways, first is word of mouth. When you develop a core base of fans of your product, and they ask "when's the next show?" This is a common question heard often. We also mainly advertise by use of printed flyers which are placed on display at many private property businesses such as convenience stores, and other places. There are times when radio advertisements are bought, and of course internet advertising such as here on Facebook, our website, and Twitter. All of these forms of advertisement are forbidden by the Office of Athletics until we buy a permit for the event in question, thus denying us of our first amendment rights.

Next we have the issue of participant licensure. Each wrestler appearing in matches for the card must be licensed by the state. All licenses expire on June 30th of even years. The cost for the wrestlers to be licensed is $40.00. However, the requirements for wrestlers include a physical examination by a doctor, HIV, and hepatitis B&C blood tests. In response to this, Mr. Lueckenhoff states: "After the blood rule went into effect the office did make attempts to modify the rule for wrestling contestant to make them less stringent, however, the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules advised that all contestants must be treated the same." It should be noted that this response was given right before his statement on permit fees. So, in Mr. Lueckenhoff's office, all "contestants" must be treated the same, but in the same paragraph, promoters must be oppressed. His reasoning: "Regulation is necessary because on the independent level such as NWA, contestant are trying to make a name for themselves. We have seen contestants try hit each other with light bulbs, wrestle with thumbtacks in the ring and even in one instance a table was set on fire with lighter fluid and a wrestler was body slammed on to the table. The other problem is that state licensing holds promoters accountable to a higher authority, therefore, civic and charitable organizations as well as venues had a place to file a complaint in the event on an injustice by unscrupulous promoters. Other professional sports teams have entities that regulate them such as MLB, NHL, NFL etc,therefore another layer of regulation in unnecessary. Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts are regulated by the office because there are no other oversight bodies to ensure of proper regulation." I would like to make one thing crystal clear, what you're seeing is a prime example of a bureaucracy that has completely overstepped its mandate as most bureaucracies do. Mr. Lueckenhoff does not have the professional knowledge to instruct me or any other promoter on how to operate our business. His area of expertise is in criminal justice, of which he has a BS. This proves that the Office of Athletics is in no way qualified to tell me how to operate my business, that is also unconstitutional, it violates the first, ninth and thirteenth amendments. He says we promoters are held to a "higher authority" There is no higher authority to be held to than the honest, hard working citizens who buy tickets and come to our events, the state of Missouri is under their authority. As I have stated before, the free market dictates success in business. Government can't cause success, however, government can hinder success. In defense of the inspectors from the Missouri Office of Athletics, Mr. Lueckenhoff states: "The majority of inspectors who work wrestling events for the office have been involved in the sport of wrestling either as promoters, contestants or other interested parties." Basically saying that these inspectors have gone out of business for one reason or another, because of that, they're qualified to dictate to me how to operate my business.

It's a shame that this business is the way it is in that the promoters in the state won't band together and rid the state of this unconstitutional behavior. Instead, most promoters are only out for themselves and at times use this out of control bureaucracy as a tool to hurt the promotions they see as a threat. Myself, I'm happy to work with any promoter anywhere in order to promote Professional Wrestling in our state, and without state regulations, wrestling would prosper in that we would more easily be able to afford to bring in bigger names on our cards, we would be able to produce a much more fan-friendly product each time, without the fear of some state inspector looking over our shoulder, and telling us in an unconstitutional way what we can and can't do. We here at NWA Central-States Championship Wrestling take pride in the fact that we've never shown any disrespect to any other promotion in this region. However, there are those who do anything to try and make us a casualty of the unjust regulations in the state of Missouri.

My partners fear that the things I say publicly about these unconstitutional regulations will cause us trouble. I have no fear, however, as I will remind everyone who reads this note, including those of you at the Office of Athletics, no retaliation can be legally taken upon me for exposing this unjust regulation. I will not hesitate to take action against the Office of Athletics if I feel at anytime there is retaliation taken against my license. Mr Lueckenhoff also stated in the opening to his response of my initial complaint: "Mr. Humphrey has not been licensed in Missouri since 2006." I would like to respond directly to that. Mr. Lueckenhoff, I have the utmost respect for you, and personally I find you to be pleasant and friendly. I will kindly remind you though, Tim, I sir am a taxpaying resident of this state. I do not and will not bow in submission to any state agency or official. It doesn't work that way. I am making preparations to request seeing the entire budget, expenditures, and income of the Office of Athletics. Because of it being a public bureaucracy, the state is required to provide me with that information. Myself, I want to see exactly what's coming in, and going out.

The Central IL Promotion of the Year Presentation Speech
This was the speech given at Lanphier High School when Pinfall Wrestling Association was presented the central Illinois promotion of the year award.

Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve heard all the rumors, I’ve certainly gotten an earful from the few who figured it out or learned about it early, and now I stand here to present the promotion of the year award. Before I do, I know once the news fully gets out my phone and email will be burning up folks yelling, how can you claim PWA is a better promotion than the last promotion of the year winner? The truth of the matter is, I’m not going to say PWA is a superior promotion to everyone else. I’m also not going to claim that the PWA roster is superior to the last promotion of the year winner that is an argument that neither you nor I would have any chance of winning. And frankly, if you walked up to me a year ago and told me that PWA would be the promotion of the year over Dreamwave, I would had said no way. And moreover, I was asked where I saw PWA in five years, but my answer would had been would you have predicted that this is how central Illinois wrestling would be now versus five years ago? We still believe Dreamwave is the gold standard of pro wrestling in this state. So how is it that the NBS would award PWA the promotion of the year?

After last year’s NBS Awards I explained in an editorial comment that promotions would have to find a way to stand out from the competition. While roster is just one aspect of a great promotion, it’s not the lone factor. In 2013, a lot of you weren’t here to witness PWA. Average attendance was below 50 at a lot of those events. Toward the end of the year, things started to turn. Attendance was starting to grow and soon attendance was a healthy three digits in the little Jaycee’s Activity Center. Sponsorships came together. Then the event that made the statement that PWA was going to be a much bigger player on the local scene was held at Goals got nearly 200 people in the building, double what another promotion did a year ago with a higher caliber lineup.

Years ago the Nose Bleed Seats established the NBS Pro Wrestling Training center over in Decatur to fill a void in CI, a places for local talent to practice and create new talent. The NBS produced Derek Moss, Tony G, Perry Winkle, Nelson Sixx and Randy Ray that you see in the ring today. Guy Smith was the head trainer back then, now he is the head trainer with PWA’s training facility producing new wrestlers along with helping others who seek to a comeback. You’ve seen a few of those folks wrestle already, like Brent Dunn and Elijah Raheem, and one who made his comeback Brad Stephens. And the biggest surprise came at the end of the year when PWA announced they were bringing pro wrestling back to Lanphier High School.

PWA’s credo is that they make stars, not bring in stars, to grow itself. All the while PWA is providing a solid program in the ring, drawing really well with strictly homegrown talent. The bottom line, PWA earned the promotion of the year award by being the most improved promotion in central Illinois. The mission statement of the Nose Bleed Seats has been to advocate and encourage improving the local scene in every way possible. That expectation has been met and then some by PWA in 2014 as the most improved promotion in central Illinois and that should be rewarded.

The challenge for PWA for this coming year is to get their stars on the road, organize a caravan to other promotions around this state and neighboring ones to show they aren’t limiting themselves to just being players in good-ole Springpatch. Seek out more, demonstrate you should be recognized and move up the ladder in the independent scene so you may a big player in the Midwest or the nation! For those who believe PWA doesn’t meet your standards of a pro wrestling event, there are plenty of choices out there within reasonable driving distance, turn out, support them, build them up because if they get bigger, that will encourage others to step up their game to match it. For those of you who prefer PWA over every other promotion in the state of Illinois, keep turning out and filling up this gymnasium, and tell others why you like PWA and why they should too. But for now, it gives me great pleasure in one of the biggest upsets of the NBS Awards ever to present Pinfall Wrestling Association the 2015 Promotion of the Year Award.


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