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Leaked TNA script proves Russo is the major contributor

Dixie Carter, we now know the truth...Russo is booking this crap. Wonder how this script was acquired...

ADD: People are now rushing up to say well he didn't write it, he is just a producer...geewhiz, I guess there's still a bunch of folks running around thinking I was born yesterday and can be made to think the smoking gun really isn't a smoking gun. If you were for instance arrested for possession of stolen property and you knew it was stolen property but didn't return it, yet you weren't the one who actually stole it, guess what, you're still charged with the crime!

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This is how it works. The committee books it, then others take the task of writing the segments to which they are assigned. Are you going to blame the people running the other segments?

Yes, you would be charged, but with a different crime. This again shows your ignorance of the business side of this business.

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