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My views on pro wrestling, reporter hats not required.

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I am a fan of pro-wrestling, ever since about Wrestlemania One when I happened to see a TV ad for the first Saturday Night's Main Event where Mr. T was going to compete. He was a very popular character on television at the time. After that day, I was hooked. However, how I viewed wrestling completely changed once the Internet undid the public perception that wrestling was a competition sport and it was really a scripted violent theater play. Eventually people found a replacement for wrestling that remains a sports competition where outcomes are not predetermined and that is mixed-martial arts.

After reading so many recaps and rants about so many episodes of Raw, Nitro, Thunder, and Smackdown, I began writing reviews of the various wrestling shows that happen to pass through central Illinois. "The Rap Sheet" is the given title of these reviews with the archive titled "The Rap Sheet Dossier".

The Rap Sheet Blog is where I post additions to the Dossier, as well as other comments. I also moderate the STLWC community.

This is NOT a kayfabe blog, kayfabe is dead and will never ever return no matter what anyone does to bring it back. If you are a kayfabe fanatic and freak out at what you read here, you need to go somewhere else though you have very few options short of cancelling your internet account. You've been warned.

I am a wrestling blogger. I am not claiming to be a journalist. Chicago elitists have bastardized the definition of journalism so bad that they cannot physically tell the difference between a one sentence message board post and a newspaper article. I do not respect Chicago because Chicago doesn't respect anything south of I-80. They have the highest taxes in the nation, they churn out an endless line of corrupt politicians, they siphon a ton of tax revenue from downstate to pay for their reckless spending and mismanagement, and they vote only for people with D's by their names. For years they branded CI wrestling as backyarder without viewing anyone's product and resisted heavily anyone from downstate infilitrating their "clique". Some of these folks maintain a lot of bitterness that several of the CI guys are now actively working in their area.

I AM the BEST play by play caller in all of Central Illinois, because those who claim I'm awful at it can't find anyone better. I also produce and edit the Nose Bleed Seats programming for the web and cable access TV, as well as produce and master the DVDs for New Midwest Wrestling. I do not however have any desire to become a wrestling promoter.

The Rap Sheet Dossier: http://rap-sheet.tripod.com
The St. Louis Wrestling Community: http://stlwrestling.livejournal.com

Other blogs: signalbrat57, wiusig23, cherrymalone, spence, matt_young, jimbo

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