Update to the parody

Well the story in which I based the isolated from the world out of fear of catching Covid parody had an update. Irony is, the comment they are free to choose whether to be isolated or not...bahahahahahahahahahaha. Yeah if the government doesn't have the country locked down still...

Court drops case against Dutch father who isolated family
By MIKE CORDER, Associated Press 4 hrs ago

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — A Dutch court ruled Thursday that a deeply religious father who kept some of his children isolated from the outside world for years in a remote farmhouse can't stand trial on charges including child sexual abuse because he has been incapacitated by a stroke.

The decision came after prosecutors last month asked the court in the northern city of Assen to drop the case because the 68-year-old suspect wasn't fit to stand trial. Prosecutors had initially accused him of illegally detaining his children and sexually abusing two of them.

It brings to an end a case that made headlines around the world in October 2019 after one of the man's sons raised the alarm and authorities discovered the father had been living for years with six of his children in the farmhouse in the small village of Ruinerwold in the eastern Netherlands.

At a preliminary hearing in January last year, prosecutors portrayed the father, identified only as Gerrit Jan van D., as a deeply religious man who saw his family as “chosen by God” and did everything in his power — including physical beatings and other punishments — to keep them from succumbing to what he considered malign outside influences.

Aerial images of the farm showed it surrounded by hedges and trees and with a large vegetable patch near the buildings.

The court ruled Thursday that a 2016 stroke had so badly affected the father's ability to communicate and comprehend that continuing with the case would breach his fair trial rights.

“He doesn't sufficiently understand what is happening in the courtroom,” court spokesman Marcel Wolters said in a video statement.

The six children who were kept on the farm are now all young adults. Three older siblings had earlier left the family’s isolated life. Their mother died in 2004.

It wasn't immediately clear what will now happen to the father. An Austrian national identified only as Jozef B., who is accused of helping the father keep the family in isolation, remains a suspect in the case.

Corinne Jeekel, a lawyer representing the eldest four children, told Dutch broadcaster NOS that they were disappointed with the decision.

“It is a great shame for the clients that there will be no criminal judgment” on the allegations, Jeekel told national broadcaster NOS.

The rest of the family, however, stood by their father.

“The youngest five children are very happy,” defense lawyer Robert Snorn told local broadcaster RTV Drenthe.

Prosecutors said last month that the children are now free to choose their own futures, even if that means returning to a life of isolation.

“In the past 18 months, the children have got to know our society, have been able to participate in it and have received spiritual and medical care,” prosecutors said in a statement. “If, now that they have been able to taste the alternative, they nevertheless choose to want to live in seclusion with their father again, to exercise their faith ... that is their choice.”

Editorial Comment from January 16th on PWCI This Week

I must issue a strong rebuke to a former colleague, of whom I won't mention his name but he knows who he is, decided in the wake of the violence that left five people dead in DC, decided to go on twitter in order to smear, race bait, and misrepresent comments where I stated the following - "If you weren't bothered by the rioting over the summer yet are freaking out about this... Not so fun when the very same tactics you encouraged others to do are being used against you now." Then highlight a comment in the middle of the thread where I stated "We have the right to peacefully assemble and protest, that right is given to us by the first amendment. The first amendment does not give anyone the right to engage in violent acts." That means to the constitutionally illiterate that you have the right to assemble and protest, but you don't have the right to commit crimes or riot in conjunction with what you are protesting. He then went on Twitter to falsely claim I'm a racist who fully condoned the individuals who broken into the capitol. Which is an utter bald-faced lie. The purpose of the comment was to point out a blatant very well documented double standard. Many politicians and media outlets showed no concern or actually encouraged over 100 days of rioting where numerous properties were vandalized, buildings burned to the ground, stores businesses looted destroyed many of which were owned by minorities, autonomous zones created and thirty people including former St. Louis Police Chief David Dorn were killed. And sadly there are some who trying to deny any of that destruction ever happened or showed no empathy for the victims. Yet now suddenly they care about this, while still engaging in the very same conduct with impunity. This is a direct consequence of normalizing riots and ruin.

What the individual has done is expose himself to be a despicable race baiter and a poisonous snake engaging in political retribution inciting a social media lynch mob because he for some reason wants to deny with what most people fully recognize is going on. I will have nothing at all to do with this person ever again, other than litigation if necessary and other folks should not associate with this person either cause he will do the same thing to you one day. Shame on you.

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Really wishing I could find people I know on Gab since Parler is outta commission because Jeff Bezos s*** his pants over the thought Trump would join the platform. It shouldn't have to take Australia, Germany, India, Mexico, Poland, Russia...a few other nations to step in and threaten Dorsey, Zuckerberg & Bezos with sanctions to stop acting like communist dictators or be banned from operating in their borders. And the Chinese Communist Party has those three stooges on a very tight leash.


BigTech blatant violations of Anti-Trust laws shielded by the DNC

Parler Is Silenced
Wesley J. Smith
6-8 minutes


The social media company Parler—which is a French word meaning “to speak”—was mugged and left for dead by Big Tech last week in what appears to be the start of a cultural offensive aimed at stifling conservative advocacy in our country’s public discourse.

I am shocked but not surprised. In my last column in these pages, I warned of a looming and authoritarian “corporatocracy” that threatened to stifle freedom in a way that our government never could. Little did I know that within a week of writing, behemoth social media companies would prove my words prophetic.

Here’s the story: After the godawful Capitol Hill riot of Jan. 6, Twitter and Facebook launched a cyber jack-booted crackdown on conservative advocacy. Not only did the social media giants cancel President Trump’s accounts, but Twitter appears to have launched a great purge.

Washington Examiner columnist Byron York, actor and conservative icon James Woods, and Fox News pundit Brett Hume, among many others, announced that they had each lost tens of thousands of followers on Twitter in just a few days. Similarly, less famous voices reported the loss of hundreds of followers.

Whatever is going on—Twitter hasn’t said—the company seems hellbent on stifling conservatives’ ability to communicate across the width and breadth of the social media public square.
Attacking a Competitor

The subsequent attack on Parler was even more egregious. Parler is a direct competitor of Twitter and operates in almost the exact manner; members post their thoughts or news articles, with “followers” able to comment and add the original posts to their own timelines.

Parler differs from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms in one important respect. It still follows the original concept of social media by allowing people to post without fact checking or political interference.

Because many conservatives reasonably believe that Twitter and Facebook moderate their platforms with a heavy leftwing bias, Parler came to be perceived on both the left and right as the “conservatives’ Twitter” (although the company has never so described itself). Indeed, many prominent conservative public intellectuals and “influencers” publicly moved their primary social media focus to Parler in recent months, inviting their supporters to follow.

In a sense, this was in keeping with the libertarian response to Twitter/Facebook’s liberal bias: These are private companies, the argument goes. If conservatives don’t want to be censored, start a conservative social media platform where you can post freely.

So much for that idea. At the same time Twitter was cracking down on conservative accounts, Google, Apple, and Amazon acted simultaneously to drive Parler out of business.

First, both Google—which services Android and other devices—and Apple removed Parler’s App from their online stores, declaring the company would be blackballed until Parler moderated posts.

That wounded but did not kill Parler because its customers could still access the site on the company’s website. Then Amazon—which hosted the company’s cloud services—announced that supposedly “violent content” on Parler’s site violated its terms of service and canceled its contracts with the company. As things now stand, Parler is offline, meaning it is dead as a social media company unless it can find alternative webhosting services.

John Matze, Parler CEO, told Maria Bartiromo on Morning Futures, that his company’s experience demonstrates that Big Tech “has the power to destroy anybody.” He’s right. Businesses, non-profit groups, and individuals all depend on websites, email, social media, and the like to fully engage in modern life. And those tools are almost wholly controlled by Big Tech.
Liberty Crisis

It’s a real predicament. Speech is being significantly constrained by these companies for distinctly ideological reasons. But since the government isn’t doing it, the First Amendment isn’t infringed.

Google, Apple, and Amazon would seem to be violating anti-trust laws. But it is doubtful that the Biden administration will act against companies that are its great supporters.

Parler can always sue, and indeed, has announced its intention to seek legal redress. But the defendants are the richest and most powerful enterprises in the world, with enough clout and money to bankrupt the upstart company in motions and dilatory litigation tactics. In any event, such a case will take years.

Representative Devin Nunes has called for a racketeering investigation. Good luck with that. Democrats are now in complete control of Congress. I doubt the likes of Representative Jerrold Nadler, the head of the House Judiciary Committee, will even hold a hearing.

Conservatives could always try to shame the behemoth social media companies by calling them out publicly. But Big Tech is beyond shame. Besides, mass shaming requires the mainstream media to drive the story. How likely is that to happen? Indeed, many minions in the MSM are allies of Big Tech and are openly cheering.

What about a boycott? Given the centrality of these companies, that would be hard to do. Besides, Big Tech has made it very clear it is willing to lose profits in the great cause of woke.

It won’t stop with social media censorship. I expect these behemoths to soon move against controversial industries, just as they did Parler. For example, if internet cloud companies refused to do business with the gun industry it could drive manufacturers and sellers out of business—accomplishing a progressive agenda dream without violating the Second Amendment.

We suddenly face one of the most profound liberty crises in our country’s history, in some ways made more intractable because it emanates from the private sector instead of government. Freedom requires comity. Social harmony depends on everyone believing they have a fair shake.

Stifling speech will not eliminate conservative perspectives. Stomping liberal-disfavored industries or organizations will not convince those who hold such views that they are wrong, but rather, persuade them that they no longer have a stake in the great American experiment.

This is literally playing with fire. As history teaches, desperate people do desperate things. Here’s hoping Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, and the rest gain wisdom commensurate with their power and reverse course before it is too late.
Award winning author Wesley J. Smith is chairman of the Discovery Institute’s Center on Human Exceptionalism.

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

PWI 500 List 2020

The PWI “500” is not a ranking for the calendar year January through December. The “evaluation period” this year ran from July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020.

Wrestlers must meet the following requirements for activity to be considered for a ranking: 20 matches during the evaluation period or at least one match in seven separate months. Exceptions were made for wrestlers who were on track to complete these requirements prior to COVID-19. Also considered on a case-by-case basis: wrestlers whose careers were impacted by #SpeakingOut allegations.

1 Jon Moxley

2 Adam Cole

3 Chris Jericho

4 Drew McIntyre

5 Tetsuya Naito

6 Kazuchika Okada

7 Cody Rhodes

8 Seth Rollins

9 Kofi Kingston

10 AJ Styles

11 Keith Lee

12 Brock Lesnar

13 Kenny Omega

14 Roman Reigns

15 Nick Aldis

16 Bray Wyatt

17 Kota Ibushi

18 Rush

19 Braun Strowman

20 Jacob Fatu

21 Will Ospreay

22 Maxwell Jacob

23 Aleister Black

24 Kento Miyahara


26 Shinsuke Nakamura

27 Andrade

28 Jay White

29 Roderick Strong

30 Tommaso Ciampa

31 PCO

32 Daniel Bryan

33 Adam Page

34 Bandido

35 Finn Balor

36 Kaito Kiyomiya

37 Kevin Owens

38 Hiroshi Tanahashi

39 PAC

40 Hiromu Takahashi

41 Baron Corbin

42 Suwama

43 Rey Mysterio

44 Bobby Lashley

45 Matt Taven

46 Johnny Gargano

47 Go Shiozaki

48 Randy Orton

49 Jonathan Gresham

50 Ultimo Guerrero

51 Brian Cage

52 Fenix

53 Shingo Takagi

54 Zack Sabre, Jr

55 Darby Allin

56 Ricochet

57 Sami Callihan


59 Lance Archer

60 Drew Gulak

61 Sammy Guevara

62 Takashi Sugiura

63 AJ Gray

64 James Storm

65 Shane Taylor

66 Naruki Doi

67 Nick Gage

68 Willie Mack

69 Otis

70 Jeff Cobb

71 Tomohiro Ishii

72 Cara Noir

73 Matt Jackson

74 Pentagon Jr.

75 Nick Jackson

76 Ryu Lee

77 Effy

78 Kylie Rae

79 Rey Horus

80 Matt Riddle

81 Pete Dunne

82 Apollo Crews

83 Tessa Blanchard

84 Orange Cassidy


86 Jay Lethal

87 The Miz

88 Marty Scurll

89 Davey Boy Smith Jr.

90 Velveteen Dream

91 Humberto Carrilllo

92 Ricky Starks

93 Jungle Boy

94 Ace Austin

95 Dolfh Ziggler

96 Karrion Kross

97 Scorpio Sky

98 Alexander Hammerstone

99 Lio Rush

100 John Morrison

101 Big E

102 Tetsuya Endo

103 Myron Reed

104 Dominik Dijakovic

105 Luchasaurus

106 Warhorse

107 Hirooki Goto

108 Damian Priest

109 Angel Garza

110 Allie Kat

111 Tom Lawlor

112 Christopher Daniels

113 Frankie Kazarian

114 Murphy

115 Colt Cabana

116 Timothy Thatcher

117 Jordan Devlin

118 Masato Tanaka

119 Taichi

120 Eli Drake

121 Kyle O’Reilly

122 Bobby Fish

123 Shorty G

124 Eddie Dennis

125 Ilja Dragunov

126 Santana

127 Cesaro

128 Ortiz

129 Daga

130 Konosuke Takeshita

131 EVIL

132 Eddie Edwards

133 Jake Lee

134 Cameron Grimes

135 Shuji Ishikawa

136 Mark Haskins

137 Dustin Rhodes

138 Joey Janela

139 Niebla Roja

140 Brian Pillman Jr.


142 Yuji Okabayashi

143 Mr. Anderson

144 Shawn Spears

145 Tyler Bate

146 LA Park

147 Daisuke Sekimoto

148 Moose

149 El Hijo de LA Park

150 Tama Tonga

151 Tanga Loa

152 Austin Theory

153 Minoru Suzuki

154 Montez Ford

155 Elias

156 Sami Zayn

157 Angelo Dawkins

158 Danhausen

159 Killian Dain

160 Faye Jackson

161 Daisuke Sasaki

162 Kip Sabian

163 Flip Gordon

164 Sonny Kiss

165 Dax Harwood

166 Cash Wheeler

167 Kushida

168 Xavier Woods

169 Jake Atlas

170 El Phantasmo

171 Trey

172 Mance Warner

173 Trish Adora

174 Katsuhiko Nakajima

175 Josh Briggs

176 Jake Hager

177 Trent Seven

178 Bobby Gunns

179 Rowan

180 Erik

181 Ivar

182 Marko Stunt

183 Jey Uso

184 Jimmy Uso

185 Marq Quen

186 Ethan Page

187 Isiah Kassidy

188 Drago

189 AR Fox

190 Naomichi Marufuji

191 Isaiah Scott

192 Rob Van Dam

193 Chris Dickinson

194 Flamita

195 Josh Alexander

196 Aero Star

197 Brody King

198 Richard Holliday

199 Joe Gacy

200 Susumu Yokosuka

201 Juice Robinson

202 Chris Bey

203 Luke Gallows

204 Karl Anderson

205 Dexter Lumis

206 Hernandez

207 Samoa Joe

208 ACH

209 Anthony Greene

210 Jordan Oliver


212 Robert Roode

213 Isami Kodaka

214 Dez

215 Wentz

216 Yuko Miyamoto

217 Eddie Kingston

218 Dr. Wagner Jr.

219 Homicide

220 Jay Briscoe

221 Alex Shelley

222 Trent

223 Chuck Taylor

224 Drake Maverick

225 Mark Briscoe

226 T-Hawk

227 Alex Zayne

228 Stu Grayson

229 SHO

230 Rich Swann

231 YOH

232 Evil Uno

233 David Finlay

234 Jake Crist

235 Rickey Shane Page

236 Bronson Reed


238 Fabian Aichner

239 CIMA

240 Marcel Barthel

241 Kenny King

242 El Barbaro Cavernario

243 R-Truth

244 Volador Jr.

245 Zack Gibson

246 Matt Hardy

247 James Drake

248 Akam

249 Rezar

250 Rhino

251 Mustafa Ali

252 Eita

253 Caristico

254 Max The Impaler

255 Matt Angel

256 Mark Andrews

257 Chris Brookes

258 Flash Morgan Webster

259 Ben-K

260 Toru Yano

261 Rhett Titus

262 Wolfgang

263 Will Hobbs

264 Mark Coffey

265 JD Drake

266 Tony Deppen

267 Suge D

268 TK O’Ryan

269 Gedo

270 Zeus

271 Madman Fulton

272 Leon Ruff

273 Ryusuke Taguchi

274 Mistico

275 TJP

276 Cousin Jake

277 Jado

278 Zicky Dice

279 Erick Stevens

280 Ken Shamrock

281 Mojo Rawley

282 Thom Latimer

283 Royce Isaacs

284 Cody Deaner

285 Cedric Alexander

286 Masaaki Mochizuki

287 Togi Makabe

288 Shigehiro Irie

289 Dalton Castle

290 Anthony Henry

291 Oney Lorcan

292 MAO

293 Jimmy Lloyd

294 Danny Burch

295 Mike Bailey

296 Davey Vega

297 Mat Fitchett

298 Bateman

299 Laredo Kid

300 El Hijo del Vikingo

301 Yoshitatsu

302 Myzteziz Jr.

303 Matt Cross

304 Golden Magic

305 Kotto Brazil

306 John Silver

307 Tracy Williams

308 Gran Guerrero

309 Euforia

310 Paul Robinson

311 Colby Corino

312 Alex Reynolds

313 The Blade

314 Jack Evans

315 The Butcher

316 Angelico

317 Titan

318 Solo Darling

319 Shawn Dean

320 Chuck Mambo

321 Shane Mercer

322 Jason Cade

323 Kekoa

324 Willow Nightingale

325 Matthew Justice

326 Spike Trivel

327 Thomas Santell

328 Timmy Lou Retton

329 White Mike

330 Caleb Konley

331 Dominic Garrini

332 Silas Young

333 Mansoor

334 El Soberano Jr.

335 Pinkie Sanchez

336 Ridge Holland

337 Darius Carter

338 Low Ki

339 Ruby Raze

340 Taiji Ishimori

341 Daniel Makabe

342 Tyson Dux

343 Bad Luck Fale

344 Kobe Durst

345 Chris Hero

346 Christian Casanova

347 Kevin Bennett

348 KC Navarro

349 Black Taurus

350 Kevin Ku

351 O’Shay Edwards


353 Jon Davis

354 1 Called Manders

355 Matt Makowski

356 Tommy Dreamer

357 Dasher Hatfield

358 Matt Tremont

359 Travis Huckabee

360 Lince Dorado

361 Orlando Colon

362 Gran Metalik

363 Darius Lockhart

364 El Terrible

365 Still Life with Apricots and Pears

366 Breaux Keller

367 Jinder Mahal

368 La Bestia del Ring

369 Santos Escobar

370 D-Rogue

371 Kaito Ishida

372 DARK Sheik

373 Riddick Moss

374 Sal Rinauro

375 Mark Davis

376 Isaiah Frazier

377 PB Smooth

378 Kyle Fletcher

379 El Lindaman

380 Arturo Ruas

381 Tre’ LaMar

382 RJ City

383 The OJMO

384 Shotaro Ashino

385 Lee Moriarty

386 Wheeler Yuta

387 Cassius

388 Man Like Dereiss

389 Trevor Murdoch

390 Joe Hendry

391 Dan Moloney

392 AC Mack

393 Arik Cannon

394 El Mesias

395 Chuck O’Neil

396 Atticus Cogar

397 Wardlow

398 Avalanche

399 Ricky Morton

400 Noam Dar

401 Rex Lawless

402 Austin Gunn

403 Robert Gibson

404 Blake Christian

405 Rohit Raju

406 Fallah Bahh

407 Jeff Cannonball

408 Calvin Tankman

409 Jamie Senegal

410 Logan Easton Laroux

411 Green Ant

412 Chakara

413 Devon Monroe

414 Nick Iggy

415 Benjamin Tull

416 Jimmy Jacobs

417 Cabana Man Dan

418 Billy Dixon

419 Gary Jay

420 Tripp Cassidy

421 The Beer City Bruiser

422 Tony Nese

423 Kerry Awful

424 Brian Milonas

425 Titus O’Neil

426 Gino Medina

427 Mike Verna

428 Alex Colon

429 Watts

430 Zane Dawson

431 Dave Dawson

432 Parrow

433 Cody Hall

434 Justin Smooth

435 Johnny Swinger

436 KTB

437 Maximus Khan

438 Dak Draper

439 Absolute Andy

440 Jun Akiyama

441 Cheeseburger

442 Cole Radrick

443 Peter Avalon

444 Zack Ryder

445 Shelton Benjamin

446 Connor Mills

447 Sonny Defarge

448 Troy Hollywood

449 EM Demorest

450 Daniel Garcia

451 Dan Barry

452 Fred Yehi

453 Joey Ace

454 Grado

455 Laynie Luck

456 MV Young

457 Ashton Starr

458 Casanova Valentine

459 Tony Gunn

460 Raul Mendoza

461 Preston Vance

462 Montel Vontavious

463 Marcus Al-Ani

464 Dick Togo

465 Rampage Brown

466 Anthony Bowens

467 Air Wolf

468 QT Marshall

469 Matt Sydal

470 Logan Creed

471 Ashley Vox

472 PJ Black

473 Leyla Hirsch

474 Devantes

475 Akira Tozawa

476 Yuji Nagata

477 Delmi Exo

478 Saki Akai

479 Brendan Vink

480 Boomer Hatfield

481 Isaiah Broner

482 Marko Estrada

483 Tyler Breeze

484 Isaias Velazquez

485 Ava Everett

486 Stephen Wolf

487 Lee Johnson

488 Brian Johnson

489 Killian McMurphy

490 Dan Champion

491 Molly McCoy

492 Alan Angels

493 Danshoku Dino

494 Moonshine Mantell

495 Ricky South

496 Mikey Nicholls

497 Shane Thorne

498 John Campbell

499 Mysterious Q

500 Dan the Dad
machine gun

Opposing Covid info Facebook doesn't want you to see....

The biased as hell Facebook and Twitter appointed themselves medical experts even though none work for them and keep false flagging articles claiming false information and use "independent fact checkers". So I'm gonna post the links here OFF FACEBOOK on Livejournal which isn't controlled by BigTech to thrawt that moron Mark Zuckerberg so you can get to these without interference --

How vaping demonstrates how masks don't work --


Central Location for all HCQ studies and its effectiveness on Covid-19 --


The Science: Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe


An Effective COVID Treatment the Media Continues to Besmirch


Pro-Lockdown Protest Only Draws Organizer

MYRTLE BEACH, FLORIDA - While thousands marched through cities all over the country Saturday demanding Covid-19 lockdown restrictions be eased, there was one lone protester in Myrtle Beach demanding they be put back in place. Michael Ivy, who organized the "Lockdown For Saving Lives" rally, was red-faced when he was the only one who showed up.

"I should have realized everyone on my side is still self-isolating at home and won't leave their houses because of the risks even when wearing PPE.", said Ivy who posted information on the rally in multiple social media groups. When asked why he wasn't wearing PPE when this photo was taken, it was because he was feeling heat exhaustion breathing back in his own hot air as outdoor temperatures were in the upper 80's and there wasn't anyone else nearby to socially distance from.

Florida eased back restrictions two weeks ago, but Ivy came out to make a statement that it was still too dangerous to be out amongst crowds. Still, even though no one joined him in picketing, he felt his message was resonating. "Even if I'm the only one out here every week, most people support their governors doing these lockdowns!"

Meanwhile, nearby the city beaches were crowded with sunbathers, swimmers, surfers, and beachgoers enjoying the bright sunshine seemingly unfearful of catching Covid-19.

Remembering Tony Casta, cornerstone of the St. Louis wrestling scene

Cut and pasted from the FB page of South Broadway Athletic Club

One of many great stories about members of SBAC
By Jim Harris, MMWA Commissioner
February 11, 2015

In the world of independent wrestling, the name Castaldi doesn’t ring too many bells. But in 1975, that young man (then known as “The Hitman”) began his career in the Midwest. Competing under a mask, the newcomer evolved through training and added several matches to his resumé before re-inventing into Tony “Little Dynamite” Casta.

He became a decorated wrestler in the Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance, which the fans in South St. Louis recognize as the MMWA at the South Broadway Athletic Club in Soulard.

Casta worked with many of the greats, including Bruiser Brody, Tojo Yamamoto, Spike Huber, Ox Baker, Buddy Roberts, Iceman King Parsons, “Crusher” Blackwell, Chris Adams, Bob Orton, Scott Casey, Gypsy Joe, Professor Toru Tanaka and Mike & Pat Kelly.

Among his many accomplishments was the opportunity to serve as referee for a match involving former World Heavyweight Champion Lou Thesz.

Not confined to singles competition, Casta also competed as a tag team with the legend Ed Smith, who had worked as a referee and wrestler in Sam Muchnick’s St. Louis Wrestling Club. The pair captured the MMWA Tag Team Championship on two separate occasions.

Notably, Casta held the MMWA Junior Heavyweight Title seven times. In the late 80’s, Casta suffered an AC separation that sidelined him for six months.

He retired and became the SBAC’s wrestling promoter. From 1985-2012, he teamed up with Herb Simmons, creating the partnership known as MMWA-SICW. The two had spent years in Missouri and Illinois, working with the legends from Wrestling at the Chase, as well as independent wresters such as: Giant Assassin, Big Daddy, Ron Powers, Gary Jackson, Freedom Rider, the Masked Executioners, John Blackheart, Tom Sullivan, Dr. Blood, Keith Smith, and Chaz Wesson.

Casta eventually became (and still is) the president of the South Broadway Athletic Club and a member of the St. Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame committee. He promotes local talent and kids to keep them off the streets. His guidance led to charity events like the spaghetti wrestling fundraiser (emceed by the legendary Smash) which raised money for local children’s homes and helped bring smiles to kids who would have had nothing for the holidays.

Casta continues to lead MMWA Wrestling, filled with hungry talents who must learn to walk before they fly. The MMWA has seen everything from a young Randy Orton working his way toward WWE, to Ted DiBiase recording a taping of the history of Wrestling at the Chase in the promotion’s training annex.

From his days training in the back room of the SBAC to helping hone and showcase the talent of outstanding local wrestlers, Casta has cemented his legacy as a true Midwest legend. He has shown his big heart for local youth and special needs organizations. Tony works hard to make a difference in the community.

His wife of 38 years, Wanda, and his nephew, Anthony, are always supporting him. After all these years, the fans do too.

Covert, NY family found living in hidden room for 9 years was waiting for the 'end of pandemic'

Alex Lasker, In The Know
Oct 16th 2029 4:10PM

Six adult children and a man believed to be their father were discovered living in a concealed room on a farm in near Cayuga Lake in central New York state after the oldest sibling escaped and sought help at a local pub, authorities say.

The saga began when a disheveled 25-year-old man with "long hair," a dirty beard" and "old clothes" entered Bacchus Brewing Co. Taproom, a small pub in the rural village of Covert owned by Chris Westerbeek, on Sunday and ordered five beers.

The confused-looking man proceeded to tell Westerbeek he had just escaped captivity in his family's home, where he had been held for the past nine years while "waiting for the end of the coronavirus pandemic," the bar owner told WPIE 1160AM anchor Dan Doherty of Trumansberg.

"He said he was the oldest and wanted to end the way they were living," Westerbeek said.

Westerbeek called police, who responded to the farmhouse and discovered a small, secret staircase behind a cupboard in the living room that led to an area where the family lived, including six siblings between the ages of 18 and 25 and their alleged father, who, reports suggest, may have been bedridden due to a stroke.

It remains unclear where the children's mother is, although local mayor Rordan Hart said she had died some time ago, WPIE reports.

The patriarch, 58, was arrested after refusing to cooperate with the investigation, local police said.

"There are many speculations about what happened," Covert Police wrote on Twitter after the case received widespread media coverage. "A team of investigators is investigating possible criminal offenses. We want to do this carefully and cannot answer everything immediately."

Source: Adapted from a true story to form this satirical article --

Dutch family found living in hidden room for 9 years was waiting for the 'end of time': Reports